We Care About Early Childhood Learning & Development

Each of our programs is designed around early childhood learning, preparing our kids for kindergarten. We are also focused on the general development and well-being of all the children at our preschool.

More About Our Programs

  • Our Approach

    At Christ United Methodist Preschool,  we believe children learn and thrive in creative, active, hands on experiences.  Our teaching centers provide experiences for each child to explore concepts through their own individual learning style. Beginning in the 3’s class and expanding in the 4’s and 5’s classes, we teach letter and number recognition, phonics, math concepts,  music appreciation, American history, world geography and cultures, art and basic science.  Social
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  • Our Teachers

    Diana Purser started teaching at Christ United Methodist Preschool two years ago in the Pre-K class, and has been working with preschoolers from ages 2 to 5 since 2008.  Before joining CUMP, she served on the board of Mustard Seed Christian Preschool and as an assistant in the 3’s class. Diana also taught part-time at Tulip Tree, a Reggio-based preschool.  In 2008, before returning to college for her
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  • Class Sizes

    Christ United Methodist Preschool has been a NW Portland family tradition for over 48 years, due in part to our committment to small class sizes and low student-teacher ratios.  Even though our school facility is spacious, we typically keep each class to 16 students or less in our 3’s and 4’s classes with 2 teachers.  Our PreK class is a 10-1 ratio or less. The children’s
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