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Our Approach

At Christ United Methodist Preschool,  we believe children learn and thrive in creative, active, hands on experiences.  Our teaching centers provide experiences for each child to explore concepts through their own individual learning style.

Beginning in the 3’s class and expanding in the 4’s and 5’s classes, we teach letter and number recognition, phonics, math concepts,  music appreciation, American history, world geography and cultures, art and basic science. 

Social awareness and development is an important part of every element of our day.   Our creative dramatic play room changes themes monthly.  Children enjoy stimulating social experiences as  they pretend in our kitchen, baby doll care, big block center, giant Lego center, puppet theater, grocery store , space station, castle, hospital, fire station, pumpkin patch and camping play.  

The physical health and growth of our children is important, so ample time is given each day to go outside for group games or to play on the playground equipment.  The covered play area is used on rainy days for sand play and ball games.